▪ ​An opportunity to visit behind-the-scenes and attend productions at prestigious regional theatres during each CAVORT Conference.
▪ A way to network and build camaraderie with theatre devotees from professional, non-profit theatres, particularly during the biennial CAVORT Conference.
▪ The opportunity to learn how volunteers at other professional, non-profit theatres operate and contribute to their theatres. 
▪ Strategies for fundraising, theatre support, recruitment, retention, volunteer recognition, as well as other ideas relevant to volunteer development.
▪ Ideas for productive endeavors that have been successful at peer theatres, as well as information on how to implement them.  

In addition, with a CAVORT INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP . . . 

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▪ Your name will be listed in at least one conference-cycle CAVORT newsletter.    
▪ You are eligible to stand for election as an at-large member of the CAVORT Board.
▪ Your membership dues are tax deductible.