Links to past Bright Ideas


A valuable aspect of each CAVORT conference is the opportunity to network with sister theatres about their volunteer experiences.  One way to engage in such sharing is the Bright Ideas conference feature.  Bright Ideas not only showcase a theatre’s volunteer endeavors but also provide ideas on which other theatres might capitalize. CAVORT Member Theatres are invited to submit their Bright Ideas prior to each conference. 

All genres of projects are welcome: fundraising, working with volunteers, or even a novel thought that will enhance a volunteer’s experience or an organization’s function. There are no restrictions in terms of topics. Anything goes: fundraising projects, outreach, membership recruitment and retention, rewarding volunteers, theatre service projects, one-of-a-kind special projects. All ideas are welcome, whether large or small.

 Each member theatre is encouraged to submit at least one Bright Idea for each conference.  Multiple submissions are welcome. If your theatre would like to contribute a Bright Idea at the next CAVORT conference but it is not yet a CAVORT Theatre Member, click here to get the Theatre Membership Form to become one.  It’s easy.

 Submissions for each conference will be compiled into a Bright Ideas booklet that will be distributed to conference registrants. Furthermore, three Bright Ideas submitted by CAVORT Member Theatres will receive cash prizes at each conference. Judging will be based on originality, ease of replication by other theatres, perceived results, and long-term benefits.

Each conference’s host theatre will publish specific guidelines for its Bright Ideas submissions in its conference newsletters and on its conference section of the CAVORT website. 

After each conference, the submitted Bright Ideas will be added to the CAVORT website’s Bright Ideas Archive preserving your ideas for the benefit of future volunteers. When you’re at the next conference, we’d love to know if your theatre has used a Bright Idea submitted in the past.